Rhona Phelps

Rhona has an engineering degree and a PhD in biomechanics. Her academic work took her via Auckland to Bristol and then the University of Bath as a Research Fellow. During this time, she became increasingly involved with outreach activities as a STEM Ambassador, first through her department and then through Wessex Setpoint.

Realising that engaging with schools to promote engineering was an important challenge, she has spent the past 8 years working with schools and organisations across Wiltshire, managing the STEM Ambassador programme on behalf of Catalyst Learning and Communication (Catalyst). Dorset was added to this contract’s remit 5 years ago, initially run in collaboration with Katalytik and latterly by a Catalyst employee.

Rhona has been responsible for a continuous programme of Ambassador training and inductions, teacher networking sessions, and coordinating all the school contact arrangements as well as all reporting to STEMNET. Her responsibilities with Catalyst have also included managing the Nuffield Research Placements programme, working with the IET and co-ordinating the MAP scholars programme, all with varying levels of collaboration with Graphic Science.

She recently joined the Graphic Science team part time alongside her Wiltshire and Dorset work, bringing her knowledge and experience of the programme and the Wiltshire and Dorset region to the team.

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