Listen to me, I’m a Patient

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‘Listen to me, I’m a Patient’ was a series of lively discussion events which took place across the UK in 2008.

The events, which were designed to support the OU/BBC television series ‘Alternative Therapies’, consisted of group activities and a facilitated discussion. The project aimed to spark discussion about people’s uses of different therapies, both alternative and conventional, and providing an opportunity to share their experiences.

Others shared their experiences of alternative and conventional therapies by completing the dedicated web-based survey.

Following the success of the television series ‘Alternative Medicines’, hosted by Kathy Sykes, the BBC produced ‘Alternative Therapies’ which screened on BBC2 in early 2008. We were commissioned by the Open University to help compose this associated activity to engage viewers further.

A report based on the study was made available on the website in Autumn 2008.

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