Robot Thought

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Robot Thought was an innovative and interactive family discussion event which allowed family audiences to think about the latest advances in robotics and the implications of robotics on future society.

Robot Thought presenter with robot.

The ‘show’ was broken down into a series of short dramatic vignettes, designed to highlight important practical, personal and social issues relating to robotics. It was supported by the EPSRC’s PPE programme.

Working with the University of the West of England, we developed the pilot event for Explore At-Bristol which was performed in 2004.  The team subsequently formed partnerships with robotics experts in the Faculty of Computing Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, at UWE, along with various Science Centres and Robotics Research Laboratories across the UK, to secure funding for a national rollout of the programme.

We teamed up with the Science Centres and their allocated roboticists to develop events in keeping with the needs of the venues and relevant to the robotics researchers’ areas of expertise. These events were delivered across the UK, throughout 2007.

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