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The next #SciCommLit TBA.

Past #SciCommLit discussions:

We hold our twitter grey literature reading club for Science Communication roughly once a month – pick a relevant publication and we’ll set up a time and date for a tweeted discussion using #SciCommLit.

#SciCommLit Twitter chats originated from an idea to have an office book group dedicated to reading and discussing relevant grey literature (and other publications).

We started our reading group at the beginning by looking at the Bodmer and Jenkin reports. After that, life got in the way a bit and we didn’t manage another. Then, in January 2014, we were reminded about the whole thing when we saw this tweet from Katherine Mathieson

Which is pretty much what we thought when we read it.

And inspired us to take make our bookclub into a bigger discussion for EVERYONE (shamelessly borrowing the science teaching journal club’s format –

Here’s how it works:

When we see a publication we think would be worth discussing, we (@GraphicScience) will tweet a date and time when we’ll be discussing it together with a link to the publication.

At the allocated time, anyone interested can tweet their comments using the hashtag #SciCommLit– hopefully this will create some interesting conversations.

If you’d like to suggest a publication to discuss, please get in touch.

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