Science on the Buses

Project type:

From 1997 to 2000, we worked with the Science Communication Unit at UWE to run a national poster campaign on buses, with support from the Office of Science and Technology (OST).

The posters aimed to underline the centrality of science to everyday life. Following extensive audience testing, we ended up with 12 poster designs, campaigns in nine UK cities, 750 evaluation questionnaires to work through and an audience of 8 million people.

Biology set:

The Millennium set (Martians, Immortality, Prions and Cloning) – all featuring thought-provoking mini-poems. These were developed using a Millennium Award and piloted in Cardiff.

Chemistry set:

Commissioned by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the chemistry set featured ethene, silica, chalk and carbon. The key message was: “A little chemistry makes a big difference”.

Physics set:

“Thanks to Physics” – commissioned by the Institute of Physics, these posters featured F words with the ‘F’ substituted with a ‘Ph’ to create an intriguing headline: Phast, Phad, Phooled, Phar Out and Phull Phrontal.

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