Virtual Reality Prosthetics – Body and Mind

Virtual Reality Prosthetics – Body and Mind is a multi-disciplinary 2016 Wellcome Trust Society Award-funded project created by Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) that will explore the world of upper limb prosthetics and the lived experience of people with limb-loss.

The project was inspired by research at SHU which found that using virtual reality was a highly effective, non-threatening way for amputees to train themselves to use a new prosthetic arm that overcame some of the challenges of learning to use the real thing.

For this project, the group is working with young people via Sheffield’s UTC and other local schools to develop an exhibition and linked activities that tell the story of prosthetics and limb-loss from historical, scientific and lived experience perspectives. The exhibition will go out on the road in Sheffield and London from late 2016.

The team have enlisted Graphic Science to support the project as external evaluators. We will be undertaking formative work that explores the interdisciplinary team’s vision for the exhibition as well as formative and summative work looking at the impact of the exhibition on visitors.


Image credit: Sheffield Hallam University Changing Lives Campaign

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