DBS ID Check & Safeguarding Sessions

The next step after registering to become a STEM Ambassador is to do the STEM Induction, all STEM Ambassadors must complete an Induction irrespective of any previous experience working with children. There are two ways to complete an Induction:


Attend a STEM Induction – The Induction Course is approximately 2 hours long and provides you with an opportunity to meet your STEM Hub and we will answer any questions and provide additional support to those who want it. During the Induction we will cover all the do’s and don’ts of being a STEM Ambassador and explain in greater detail the sorts of activities that Ambassadors can get involved in. ID Checks are included in the full Induction. All registered Ambassadors will receive an email invitation to upcoming STEM Inductions.


Complete the Online Induction– Available via STEM Learning is the online Induction. It takes approx. 40 minutes and once you have completed all of the modules please complete this quiz: https://goo.gl/forms/Z0PlbGiXC8yjVCA73

Further information on getting the DBS Application process started will be sent to you after you have completed the quiz. To complete the DBS ID Checks you can either go via an External ID Validator or come to a DBS and ID Check session run by the Hub.


Completing the ID Check with the STEM Hub

We have ID Check sessions running on:


Please book on via the link. These sessions are also open to existing Ambassadors who need to renew their DBS Check.


Using an External ID Verifier to complete your ID Check

If you choose to use an External ID Verifier then please note; some External ID Verifiers may charge for their services. You cannot use anyone within your family to verify your ID. Any person within any of the below professions can be used to verify your ID:

  • HR manager at place of employment (preferably CIPD member)
  • University lecturer/teacher
  • Warrant officer and ranks above (or equivalent ranks)
  • Barrister
  • Chartered accountant
  • Chemist/pharmacist
  • Doctor/dentist
  • Justice of the peace
  • Lawyer/solicitor
  • Legal executive
  • Member of Parliament
  • Police officer
  • Member of a Professional Body e.g. Chartered Engineer

Please complete the Induction process first. You won’t be able to proceed to the DBS Checking process until the Induction has been completed.

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