Support for Schools


  • Are you a school leader with ambitions for better engagement and results in STEM subjects?


  • Are you a teacher looking to make the most of STEM enrichment schemes available to you?


  • Are you involved in CEIAG and do you want to raise the profile of STEM qualifications and career pathways?


Facilitated STEM Planning


We support teachers and help them raise student engagement through STEM. This support is free of charge to any school in our region that requests it.


  • We can visit your school, find out what your current and future needs now are, and help you find ways to integrate STEM activity into the life of your school.
  • We can facilitate a session in your school to help STEM departments work together and deliver a coordinated approach to your STEM curriculum.
  • We can help you understand the range of STEM careers available to school leavers now, taking people beyond outdated misconceptions and unhelpful stereotypes.


We do this by:

  • Involving STEM Ambassadors in the curriculum offer of the school
  • Sourcing support for extracurricular STEM clubs
  • Organising events for staff to meet with representatives from local STEM industries
  • Getting your school involved in STEM fairs, competitions and other events
  • Signposting relevant opportunities to access additional resourcing for STEM activities


To arrange a facilitated STEM planning session for yourself and/or your colleagues, then email us at and let us know who you are, which school you are from and briefly describe the kind of support you are hoping to access.

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