Six Week STEM Club Challenge

We have developed the following resources for teachers to use when planning a STEM club programme:

  1. 6 Week STEM Club Challenge – Teacher Pack – This will take you through the steps required to run a STEM club for 6 weeks, from the planning stages all the way through to the finale. It includes information on how to use STEM Ambassadors in your Six Week STEM Club.
  2. 6 Week STEM Club Challenge – Blank planning sheet – This will help you structure the contents for each of the meetings that the club will have.
  3. 6 Week STEM Club Challenge – Diary sheet – This is for members of the STEM club to record what they do each week.
  4. 6 Week STEM Club Challenge – pupil completion certificate – This is for presentation to members of the STEM club, to reward participation.

Remember, we are available to support anyone who would like help setting up, running and planning activities for STEM clubs. Just get in touch!

We would like to thank our friends at MerseySTEM for providing the inspiration for these resources. Thanks guys!

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