100 ideas house

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TheĀ 100 Ideas House, supported by Defra’s Climate Challenge Fund, was displayed in shopping centres to provide a vision of an energy efficient home, with the aim of inciting action on climate change.

Working with partners including the Centre for Sustainable Environment (CSE) and four local authorities in the counties that used to be Avon, we developed a house which was at once energy efficient and aspirational; showing consumers that they could be me more climate friendly without compromising their lifestyle.

The house was targeted at the more hard to reach groups on climate change: disinterested young family groups who did not wish to change their habits as consumers. After extensive audience research, the consortium developed a house which incorporated low energy products and energy saving ideas. The visitors were then encouraged to suggest other ideas which would enter them into a prize draw for an energy makeover of their home.

In a bid to take the project directly to the target audience, the house was displayed in shopping centres in and around Bristol during September and October 2007.

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