STEM Support from Graphic Science

Graphic Science are the lead organisation for the STEM Ambassador Hub West England.

The acronym STEM (meaning Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) illustrates the relationship between these four areas of research and industry. It is a broad description that also demonstrates the interdependence of these subjects.

STEM Ambassadors are adult volunteers representing a spectrum of STEM professionals, students, apprentices, researchers and communicators. They volunteer with young people to help convey the message that STEM subjects and careers are interesting, varied, inclusive and rewarding.

The STEM Ambassador Hub West England is one in a network of 19 Hubs across the UK that manage the volunteering opportunities for the UK’s 54,000 registered STEM Ambassadors. The STEM Ambassador programme is co-ordinated across the UK by STEM Learning.

What the Hub can do for you


Become a STEM Ambassador volunteer and help young people explore the relevance of STEM to them.


Working with teachers, youth leaders and employers to promote an inspiring message: STEM has relevance and importance for everyone.


Supporting STEM volunteers to take positive steps to keep young people safe whilst participating in exciting, inspiring age and stage appropriate STEM activities.