Everyone’s Energy

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What is the solution to sustainable energy security for the UK? Should off-shore wind be powering our kettles and computers? Should we embrace nuclear power to meet our needs?

Everyone’s Energy workshops were an opportunity for community groups across the South West to explore the ways we could meet our growing energy needs and come up with their own solutions.

The project was devised by Graphic Science and developed with support from Professor Martyn Pavier from the University of Bristol. We developed a suite of resources and activities for the workshops which included energy solutions software developed by Martyn and his students.

Expert engineers from the universities of Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Plymouth and UWE who work in the field of sustainable energy were targeted to be trained as facilitators to deliver the workshops.

The workshops looked at the potential, problems and controversies associated with each of the technologies that could contribute to meeting the UK’s future energy needs. They were intended to allow participants to reach their own conclusions about how the UK should address future energy security, as well as discovering the impacts of engineering on energy generation in the UK.

Everyone’s Energy was funded through a Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Award.

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