The Sustainable Transport Challenge

The Sustainable Transport Challenge 2024: plan a sustainable and climate resilient journey

The Sustainable Transport Challenge is a one of a kind challenge open to schools in the South West of England. For this adventurous challenge students in KS2 or KS3 work in teams to answer the following questions; and then turn their ideas into a prototype model, a map or poster:

  • The route? Where are you going?
  • The vehicle? How will you travel sustainably?
  • Climate challenges? How will you adapt the route to overcome any impacts due to climate change?

Journey’s needs to be made in an environmentally friendly way, bringing positive benefits to people and the planet by minimising harm and maximising benefits along the way. To do this students will need to consider what technology to use for their transportation and how they might need to future proof their route to account for our changing climate.

It’s completely free to get involved, a student booklet is provided as well as recommended resources that you could explore to deepen students’ learning. There are a few different ways for schools to get involved in this exciting programme, if you have any queries then please get in touch with us:

The Sustainable Transport Challenge 2024 season concluded with two special events; one hosted by the Climate Action Team at the University of Bath and the second hosted by the Widening Participation Team at the Penryn Campus of the University of Exeter.

Registration for the Sustainable Transport Challenge 2025 is not yet open.