Sustainable Transport Challenge

The Sustainable Transport Challenge 2024: plan a sustainable journey

The Sustainable Transport Challenge is back for its third year! Once again we are looking for bold and adventurous teams of young people to take on our Sustainable Transport Challenge and plan a journey. This journey needs to be made in an environmentally friendly way, bringing positive benefits to people and the planet by minimising harm and maximising benefits along the way. To do this you will need to consider what technology to use for your transportation and how you might need to future proof your route to account for our changing climate.

Each participating school has the option of requesting a STEM Ambassador to mentor their student teams, plus there is further support and resources available to support teachers in delivering this challenge either in the classroom or a STEM Club. It’s completely free to register & participate.

Please register to participate by 15th April 2024. The deadline for student challenge entries is the 24th May 2024.

If you have any queries then you can contact us on:

The Challenge

Teams can be made up of up to 6 children in either the primary (key stage 2) or secondary (key stage 3) age category. Teachers should register with the Challenge to receive the full details, a pack of resources, help with finding a STEM Ambassador mentor, details on the virtual support sessions for school staff, plus how to submit your students work for a CREST award.

During this challenge student teams will be considering 3 questions:

The route? Where are you going?

The vehicle? How will you travel sustainably?

Climate challenges? How will you adapt the route to overcome any impacts due to climate change?

Further Support for Teachers

To support those interested in participating in the Sustainable Transport Challenge the STEM Ambassador Hub West England will be running virtual events:

Information and Advice Sessions:



All registered schools will be sent full details for these events alongside a booking link.