Investigate-UK Evaluation

Investigate-UK was an outreach project developed by At-Bristol and the Science Learning Centre (SLC) South West.

An Investigate-UK exhibit into liquid friction. From the Forces set.

The project aimed to pilot an integrated approach to providing enriched learning opportunities for investigation at Key Stages 2 and 3. Together At-Bristol and SLC South West developed three sets of engaging and robust ‘table top’ interactive exhibits, designed specifically with Scientific Enquiry in mind. These were developed as a direct response to repeated teacher requests for additional help in delivering Sc1 skills to students. Between August 2007 and January 2008, Investigate-UK piloted a model of rolling out the three sets of eight interactive exhibits (Energy, Forces and Structures), to schools in Bristol, Winchester and Cornwall.

We provided an independent evaluation, which was on-going throughout the project. We attended consortium meetings throughout the process to feedback findings and inform development of the project and, in order to achieve consistency, we designed evaluation materials and observation protocols for use by all members of the evaluating team.

Data was gathered via observations, unstructured and semi-structured interviews, pupil questionnaires, and a telephone survey with teachers. We also authored a case study of best practice which could be used in marketing of the project.