STEM Ambassador training

A good STEM Ambassador is a well-prepared STEM Ambassador.

The STEM Ambassador Hub West England prides itself in the provision of well-researched and useful training for volunteers wishing to safely and effectively interact with young people through practical STEM activities.

We provide regular opportunities for all STEM Ambassadors to develop their skills and knowledge, and work closely with employers to deliver bespoke training for groups of employee volunteers. We also work with other training providers to offer specialist training for Ambassadors on specific topics.

Face-to-face and virtual training is available through the hub. We have developed a range of training modules that we deliver throughout the year and across the region. Want to organise some training for your group? Contact us today!

Our STEM Ambassador Training Modules

A 30 minute virtual session that looks at the different types of STEM events and requests we receive from schools, and what Ambassadors can expect from getting involved. Ideal for new Ambassadors who are looking for their first event.

This short 1 hour virtual session focuses on how to create a short 2/3 slide presentation all about you and what you do. Plus presentation, communication & delivery tips to help you build an engaging talk.

This session covers safeguarding in a lot of detail, alongside considerations for accessibility and effectively communicating with young people.

Mentoring has a huge impact on a young person and how they view the world and themselves in that world. This session focuses on the role of the mentor within student projects, supporting & encouraging students through completing a task such as competitions/challenges or research based projects.

Getting Started: get a successful STEM club up and running in school.

Enhancing Employability Skills: incorporate and enhance STEM careers knowledge and employability skills within club sessions.

This module has been developed in response to the restricions placed on schools visits as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of this module is to support STEM Ambassadors who wish to work with schools via an online platform and provide young people with virtual STEM Ambassador engagements.

This module starts off thinking about what learning is, and will take you through the process of coming up with your own idea for an engaging STEM activity and developing that idea in to a plan of action.

This module looks at how we can effectively communicate STEM to young people. The session is a mixture of presentations delivered by the STEM Hub staff, practical group work and table based activities.

This module forms part of every training package we deliver. It covers the key health and safety messages that STEM Ambassadors need to be aware of in order to safely carry out their volunteering duties, including the safeguarding of children.

We have 12 Lego Mindstorm kits at our offices in North Somerset, these are available to Ambassadors on a pick-up and drop-off basis (subject to availability) to run workshops with schools and youth groups. This module is for Ambassadors who would be interested in learning how to use these kits and taking them out to events.

Online remote training is available through courses developed by STEM Learning in conjunction with FutureLearn. Click here to go through to the FutureLearn STEM Ambassador collection.

Upcoming STEM Ambassador training

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