Our Green Skills

Find out about the Our Green Skills initiative from the STEM Ambassador Hub West England and get involved.

STEM Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors are volunteers who currently work in STEM or who have experience in STEM-focused environments. The purpose of the volunteering programme is to inspire young people and help them see the relevance of STEM to them, their lives and their future.

STEM Ambassadors receive training before they start volunteering with young people. All STEM Ambassadors also must consent to having a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check carried out.

To discuss how the STEM Ambassador programme can support you, contact the STEM Ambassador Hub West England on 01275 474948 or email ambassadors@graphicscience.co.uk.

Becoming a STEM Ambassador

Start the process of becoming a STEM Ambassador by registering with STEM Learning. Your local STEM Ambassador hub will then follow up by email.

New STEM Ambassadors

For people looking for help with the induction process or DBS checking.

Existing STEM Ambassadors

For people looking to expand their skill set as a STEM Ambassador.