Current STEM Ambassador Opportunities

To help you find events that could be suitable for you we have grouped events under colour headings. Please click the location marker to read the full individual request, you can zoom in or widen the map for a more focused search.

To volunteer please follow the link in the event description, this will take you to the login page of your STEM Ambassador portal and then to the full request where you can express an interest in the activity.

  • Supported organised events: Full guidance as well as support on the day provided by the school or activity leader
  • Careers fairs & public events: Larger events where volunteers usually host a stand with their own materials
  • Talks or presentations: Write your own material, delivery supported by the activity organiser
  • Interactive activities & workshops: An opportunity to deliver an activity of your choice
  • Mentoring & STEM Clubs: Regular, ongoing support for high impact STEM-based activities
  • Access to Industry: Employers and schools working together to provide employer encounters
  • Special projects: Activities with unique requirements
  • Other: training, networking, teacher CPD, etc

All current requests for STEM Ambassador support (including requests from other parts of the UK) can be found via your STEM portal. The portal may include new requests that have not yet been added to this map, plus virtual events which are not shown on the map.

We receive requests throughout the school year, so if there’s nothing that seems suited to you at the moment then please check back in at a later date.