Virtual Reality Prosthetics Evaluation

Client: Sheffield Hallam University

Start date: January 2016

end date: November 2017


Virtual Reality Prosthetics, Body and Mind was an exhibition co-developed by a multi-disciplinary group from Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) and young people from Sheffield UTC working with local primary schools. The exhibition had its origins in a multidisciplinary project that used virtual reality (VR) as a more comfortable way for people with robotic upper limb prosthetics to learn to use their prosthetic arms.

The main aims of the exhibition were to:

  • Engage with audiences who would not normally go to a science exhibition
  • Create exhibits that will be inclusive and accessible to all
  • Increase understanding of:
    • Joint physiology and neural connections
    • Prosthetics
    • Lived experience of limb loss
    • Ethical issues associated with limb loss

Our Approach

We used a mixed methods approach to explore the effectiveness of the exhibition in achieving its aims. As well as using observation and questionnaires, we developed a range of interactive evaluative tools to ensure participation in the evaluation was as accessible as possible and to enable wider data collection in a manner that was satisfying for the participant.


Outputs included formal reports containing both formative and summative insights, as well as creation of both traditional and tactile evaluation tools.